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Current Anti-Human Trafficking Projects

Deliver strives to work with local and state government entities to ensure that no effort to help rescue and heal children is wasted. Though we fight against trafficking and work to prevent it, our primary focus is in the healing and permanent placement of children who have been victims of trafficking. 

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Project: Eden of Angels

Our main project is the development and opening of a long-term care facility for children who have been victimized by human trafficking. We are currently working with the Utah Anti-Trafficking Task force, the Attorney General, and other government entities to impliment a sustainable system for how to help these children heal after their trauma. We are working to provide them with safe housing, counseling services, and placement into trauma-aware families who can continue to give them the care and love they need. 

Project: Prevent

Deliver has a blog, podcast, and periodic forums that help to educate the public about the needs of children at risk and what they can do to help. Moving forward, Deliver will continue to support the education about and prevention of human trafficking through these programs and more to come. 

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