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Other ways to

Here are some other ways you can help DELIVEЯ thrive!

Send your donation through Venmo to @DeliverProjects, and specify in the comment which fund you'd like to donate to!

Perpetual Adoption Fund (PAF)

Interns Abroad Fund (IAF)

Refugee Camp Relief Fund (RCRF)

Intern Compensation Fund (ICF)

Special Projects Fund (SPF)

Additional Information

Perpetual Adoption Fund (PAF)

One of the best ways to rescue a child is through adoption.  Due to more federal regulation the cost of international adoption has increased.  To offset these costs, we started the PAF. Any money donated will be given to deserving families trying to adopt who do not have financial resources to do so but are qualified in every other way. Helping to reduce the cost of adoption will allow more families to adopt so waiting children can find their home.

Intern Abroad Fund (IAF)

Children are in need WORLDWIDE!  Several programs allow people to help children and struggling populations. Any money donated will help ambitious interns get the opportunity to travel and help these populations of people, including refugees in Greece and other destinations. 

Refugee Camp Release Fund (RCRF)

Refugee camps are often unsanitary and offer little promise for helping the residents.  Money donated to this fund will help to purchase properties that can be transformed into homes for refugees that will provide a stable environment, clean living, education for the children and opportunities to earn a living and become self reliant for the adults. This Refugee Camp Relief Fund will help all struggling refugees, but will especially be advantageous to children who suffer the most from displacement. 

Intern Compensation Fund (ICF)

DELIVEЯ aims to rescue children.  This would not be possible without the volunteers who work at DELIVEЯ.  To increase efforts of rescuing children and expanding the network we would like to offer paid internships.  Any money donated will be given to a specialist who will help move the mission of DELIVEЯ forward to rescue more children. 

Special Projects Fund (SPF)

As you can see by looking at our project pages, we have new projects in the works all the time. We will use the donations to fund these projects by buying supplies, advertising, and paying for any other needs throughout the project. 

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