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Rescuing Children at Risk

Our Mission

DELIVEЯ is a non-profit organization established to support in every way the rescue of children at risk by getting them out of harmful environments and into strong and stable forever families.  We accomplish this purpose by partnering with organizations that are already engaged in rescuing children at risk and connecting them with families who want to help.

Our Vision

DELIVEЯ aims to rescue tens of thousands of children throughout the world by getting 60,000 children each year out of detrimental environments and into forever families.

New Project

Support Ukraine officials in finding adoptive families for older orphaned children who are close to aging out of the system.

Summer Hosting Program

Hand In Hand International Adoptions is partnering with Madison Adoption Associates and RODS Heroes to hold a hosting program summer 2024 in Utah for Colombia children who are eligible for adoption. If you are interested in learning more about this exciting opportunity, email Bonnie:

Read or listen to Bonnie's book! You can find it on



Bonnie: (267) 307-4945

Brett: (801) 414-3730

4892 W Topcrest Drive, 
South Jordan, UT 84009


For a link to the website,

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Your donation will go towards one of our current deliver projects!

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