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International Adoption

Welcome to the international adoption information page. This page will provide information for those looking to adopt internationally or help with our perpetual adoption fund and projects. Please see the information provided below, or contact our Co-Founder, Bonnie Hilton to see what your options are today!

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Hihi - Utah

Hand in Hand Office in Utah

July 21, 2020 








What this Means for Utah 

We are super excited to announce that Hand in Hand International Adoptions is now licensed in Utah!  Utah families who would like to adopt internationally now have a local agency to help them walk “hand in hand” through the process.  These families would be working directly with Bonnie Hilton, a licensed clinical social worker and an adoptive mother of five who has adopted internationally herself.  She would do your home study and help you prepare your dossier.  She would also do your post placement visits and provide support to you after your adoption.   

Hand in Hand International is headquartered in Peyton, Colorado, is Hague accredited, and has been doing adoptions for over 40 years in 22 different countries.  Over 9,600 children have been placed for adoption through Hand in Hand.   Hand in Hand is currently doing adoptions in Brazil, Bulgaria, Haiti, and China.  They will soon be opening Ukraine, and Hong Kong.  The process varies from country to country so please visit the website for detailed information on each country.  


Even though the pandemic has reduced international travel, countries are working with adoptive families to be able to meet their adoptive child virtually.  Travel to your child’s country may require testing for Covid and quarantining, but it is still being done.  The children in these countries need strong and stable families more than ever!





Getting Started

International adoptions have decreased dramatically over the past 15 years for various reasons but the trend is changing.  Every child truly deserves a forever family.  Become a forever family for a child by considering adopting internationally.  Please contact Bonnie Hilton at for more information. She would love to help you and answer your questions.  Thanks! 

Image by Church of the King
Int Adoption Crisis

DELIVEЯ and Hand in Hand International Adoptions

Tate Wright | May 26, 2020 

The Focus 

One of the largest focuses of DELIVEЯ is international adoption. In the heat of an international crisis around the topic of adoption, DELIVEЯ enjoys a good relationship with Hand in Hand International Adoptions. With the help of Hand in Hand, we can make sure that people, like you, that want to help are able to contribute in the rescuing of children at risk. 

Hand in Hand 

Hand in Hand International Adoptions has been offering child welfare services around the globe since 1974. Their mission is to "provide the necessary foundations for orphaned children to develop to their fullest potential" ( With offices in Colorado, Florida, and Indiana Hand in Hand is able to serve families that want to adopt around the country. They are accredited to perform international adoptions in 5 different countries including Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Haiti, and the Philippines. 










How to Get Started 

If you or someone you know is interested in rescuing a child through international adoption please contact us so we can get started on the process. You can also visit: for more information. There are millions of children that are ready to be adopted right now, but are simply waiting for a strong and willing family. If you can't adopt, but want to help donate to our international adoption projects, please do that below. Thank you! 



This video has been deleted.

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