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Litigation efforts

Welcome to the Litigation news page. If you want to learn more about what is happening at DELIVEЯ and in the world with adoption litigation, check it out! 

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Litigation vs Legislation 

Tate Wright | May 23, 2020 



Have you ever wondered what the difference between legislation and litigation is? They are a couple of big words that we often hear and nod our head that we understand, but in reality we might not know the difference. Simply put, legislation includes the efforts made to alter current policies and laws at the White House. Litigation includes taking legal action in order to remove policies that create barriers for adoption. While similar, DELIVEЯ seeks to take action in both areas in order to rescue more children at risk. 













Current Situation 

Currently, the amount of lawyers and organizations that are trying to make a change in policy at the White House in continually decreasing. The recent changes in policy have left many groups and individuals feeling discouraged and disheartened. At DELIVEЯ we are determined to make a change. We believe that with your help, we can encourage The White House to remove the barriers that these policies have created for many international adoption agencies and potential parents. With the barriers removed, more agencies would be able to provide international services and thus increase the amount of children that are rescued from their harmful situations. 

What You Can Do

You don't need to have profound experience in law in order to help make a difference and contribute to our litigation efforts. We need all the help we can from any lawyer or individual who is motivated to make a change to these policies. Before any real and lasting change can occur in the lives of tens of thousands of children, we have to tackle this international issue. If you, or anyone you know, has experience with law and wants to help rescue children from all parts of the world, please join us as we strive to solve this urgent problem. 

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