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Welcome to the Refugee Camp Release news page. With dangerous situations continually arising all over the world, we hope to keep this page updated with our latest efforts to help rescue children at risk

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Blankets for Refugees

Tate Wright | July 20, 2020 

The Need

In all parts of the world, people are in need of more resources. Food, water, medical supplies, and shelter. The recent pandemic has made circumstances particularly challenging for individuals and families living in refugee camps. While wearing a mask and remembering to social distance might be a mundane or tedious task for many of us, for those living in a refugee camp these practices might be considered a luxury. While we struggle to make sure we have enough toilet paper in our storage supply, they make sure their children will have something to eat, despite how close to have to get to someone while waiting for a supply truck. 











Photos Coutesy of LHI ​

Syrian Refugees in Jordan 

In Northern Jordan, there are many groups of Syrian refugees that escaped their country of residence during the Syrian Civil War. The war, finally coming to a conclusion, has been ongoing for nearly 10 years. Most of these families are livestock farmers that lost everything in the war and are slowly trying to reestablish themselves in their new places of residence. Most of them live in tents with their several children and oftentimes elderly relatives. While supply trucks strive to deliver resources to these camps, there is always a greater need than the supply can offer. 

Lifting Hands International 

Partnered with Lifting Hands International, LHI, DELIVER wants to help provide blankets to these families living in the deserts of Northern Jordan. LHI has helped more than 500,000 refugees receive critical aid since it's founding in 2016. They seek to meet the needs of refugee families all over the world. With your help, we can make and purchase blankets to send to these families in need. Please help us by donating below and seeing how you can help. Thank you! 


Marbles in Jordan

Bonnie Hilton | May 26, 2020 

What We Do 

One way that DELIVEЯ helps refugees is by partnering with nongovernmental organizations (NGO’s) who are already engaged in making life better for refugees. Life for children in a refugee camp is harmful because of poor sanitation, poor educational opportunities, and an increased risk to become involved in human trafficking. 

Project in Jordan

Last year DELIVEЯ partnered with Syria Relief and Development (SRD) and Ms. Jessica Hermansen working with “Just Serve” to provide marble bags for some refugee children located in Amman, Jordan. SRD working with Alalusi Foundation has provided homes for refugees so they can leave the refugee camp and live in a wonderful environment where they are safe and where they can grow and develop and reach their potential. 

Not only were the children blessed but their mothers were provided with opportunities within the home to develop skills so they could become self reliant and eventually have the capacity to provide for their children. There was a sewing room for the women to sew uniforms for schools and prayer rugs for the community. There was a salon within the home where they could learn to do hair and nails. They also were engaged in making soap, candles, and jewelry. 























Video of Founders, Brett and Bonnie Hilton, giving marbles to the children in Jordan. 


DELIVEЯ would like to replicate what SRD and Alalusi Foundation have done. This would take place in Jordan and Turkey where there are tens of thousands of refugees living in camps. If you are interested in helping refugees, you can donate money to this project or you could volunteer your time to travel to these areas to find homes that could be transformed into places of safety and refuge. Thank you!

Refugee children teach Brett how to play a game with marbles